COVID-19 OPM treatment to continue

In light of COVID-19, Defra and the Forestry Commission have considered if work should go ahead to manage OPM during these challenging times. Defra and the Forestry Commission have carried out a review of critical functions and concluded that the control of OPM should continue.

As is always the case when carrying out control operations, we will be wearing personal protective equipment to protect ourselves against the tree pest and insecticide whilst working on the trees. In the majority of cases, works will be carried out without any need for face-to-face contact with the land manager .

Furthermore, as per latest government measures on Coronavirus, we will be following guidelines on social distancing in the workplace. We are constantly reviewing official guidance in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak and if this situation changes, plans may have to be adjusted.

More information can be found on the Forest Research webiste <a href=