Our services

At Maydencroft, we have a plethora of knowledge and experience in tree pests and diseases including Oak Processionary Moth. As such, we can provide a wide range of services to aid the management of OPM. First and foremost, Maydencroft can provide expert advice on the management and removal of OPM and guide you through the process of eradication.


The process will begin with a survey to identify whether OPM is on site. OPM surveys can be undertaken at any time of the year however, surveying for caterpillars is the most effective way of identifying OPM. This can be undertaken in the spring from late March to May between the caterpillars’ emergence from the eggs and the time they start building their nests.

Once the size and stage of OPM infestation is established, Maydencroft consultants will be able to advise on the best course of action to either eradicate or lessen the damage of OPM. OPM management plans are a great way of setting out an Action Plan for OPM management to be regularly monitored and altered dependent on success rates.

Nest removal

All of our trained operatives are experienced in the safe removal and disposal of OPM nests.

Pheromone trapping

We are experienced in undertaking pheromone trapping throughout the moth flying season which aids in understanding the extent of the OPM infestation within the local area.


Spraying of individual and groups of trees is only recommended on sites after thorough environmental risk assessing.

Below is a table showing the recommended treatment options for the time of the year.

Opm surveying

Habitat manipulation

We also offer the unique service of providing long term strategic planning to mitigate the effects of OPM infestation, planting up areas around oak trees to encourage predation of OPM caterpillars.


Our experts in OPM are also available to give training on OPM. This can be provided at two separate levels; OPM awareness training and Working with OPM training with the latter being tailored to those who work in the sector and are at higher risk.