How to submit a report on TreeAlert

TreeAlert has been set up by Forestry Commission to gather information about the health of the nation’s trees and woodlands. The information complied by the alert system will contribute to important nationwide tree health monitoring and aid scientific research into tree health, pests and disease.

It is of vital importance that ALL outbreaks of OPM are recorded on the TreeAlert system to ensure we keep track of outbreaks. This article will provide you with a guide on how to make a useful TreeAlert report

1. Go to the TreeAlert page

2. Provide your personal information

  • You will need to provide your contact details, at minimum your name (first and last) and a valid email address.
  • In the case of OPM it is likely that the Forestry Commission will be in touch with the landowner/ responsible person regarding the infestation. In all cases where Maydencroft is managing the infestation, we will happily complete this form and maintain contact with the Forestry Commission for the landowner/manager.

3. Information about your observation

  • Date and location of the observation – provide a grid reference of a point on a map. If using a map point, be sure to zoom in enough to place the point accurately so the affected tree(s) can be located
  • The number of trees affected and some general information about the tree – approx. stem diameter, type of tree with species and common name (if known)
  • Information on the problem you have observed – was it found in the crown or on the stem or at the base of the tree? A drop-down list of symptoms is provided to aid you
  • Photographs – providing good quality photographs is very useful to help locate the tree and identify the pest. In the case of OPM it is important that you do not get too close to the infestation to get photographs. Photos from a short distance away will be sufficient.

If you have any problems when filling out the TreeAlert report, please contact the Forestry Commission directly;