Maydencroft Limited

Maydencroft logo white on blue square 5mbFounded in 2007, Maydencroft is a multi-disciplinary company with over 100 permanent employees . Maydencroft has at its core traditional values with a modern approach. By focusing on quality, performance and customer experience whilst always prioritising our people and the environment.

We are experts in the tree pests and disease sector, specialising in emerging threats. As such, we have had our ear to the ground with Oak Processionary Moth and are fully prepared for its emergence into the south of England. We believe it is extremely important that people are aware of the risks to health and know the most effective ways of treating OPM.

If you have discovered OPM in a tree or trees that you own or are responsible for, call us on 01462 420851 or email us on info@maydencroft.co.uk.