About Oak Processionary Moth

By Maydencroft

From a small but ambitious start in 2007, Maydencroft has progressed to be a market leader in a range of specialist services.

Spanning the commercial, private, public, utility and charity sectors, all kinds of clients rely on our dedicated teams, commitment to sustainability and hi-tech, innovative approach.

From forestry and farmland, to rivers and wetlands, we create, restore and maintain beautiful nature reserves and spectacular urban landscaping projects. We work with the old and the new, from historic landscapes to next-generation developments.

But although our goals are big, we’re still at heart a family spirited business, focused at every stage on quality, performance and outstanding customer service.

We are experts in the tree pests and disease sector, specialising in emerging threats. As such, we have had our ear to the ground with Oak Processionary Moth and are fully prepared for its emergence into the south of England. We believe it is extremely important that people are aware of the risks to health and know the most effective ways of treating OPM.